Treasonous Thinking


I am about to break the law.


Not just some lowdown petty crime either, a very serious crime that’s treated worse than murder. This crime has been punishable in the past by the criminal being hung drawn and quartered. I am committing treason.

Let me clear things up. I have no plans to overthrow the monarchy, no plans to kill any one, no plans to start a revolution. But I do have opinions on the monarchy which, as David Cameron once said, “go against traditional British values” (he also said people who don’t conform to these values should be “re-educated”_).

My opinions? The monarchy is an outdated money-waster that leaves an undemocratic blot, a shadow, within this country.

There’s a movement that I am quite fond of titled Republic, I encourage people to check them out (just to clarify I am not a member yet, so this is my own personal opinions and not some sellout plug), that are the UKs largest republic movement.

So why should we get rid of the monarchy? Well, I mean, this isn’t the 19th century anymore. The time of monarchy is dead, finished, it’s now the era of democracy and quite frankly I rather like that. Imagine a child wanting to be the highest position in this country, to have ultimate power. “Oh they want to become PM!” Well you’re not wrong but at the same time you are far from being right. The Queen, you see, is the highest position in this country. She can dissolve parliament, veto laws, pardon criminals, yet it is a hereditary position based on blood rather than merit. Oh and one friend (who says she’s a confident insider source) says they should be removed because, and I quote, “THE MONARCHY IS FULL OF TWATS!”

Damn right.

The fact that such a backwards system is still place is, in my eyes, ludicrous and a remnant of imperialism. The monarchy should be abolished and in its place an elected President should be created. A system similar to Germany where the President doesn’t have much power but is still important, and an election process similar to France. This would create a fairer country and would end the United Kingdom.

My final words before the police come and lock me in a re-education camp are this:

Out with monarchy and in with Tony Benns’ Commonwealth of Britain.


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