Lib Dem Luau

Image Provided by Jack Wilfred

Tim Farron, the spineless homophobe, resigned a few days ago. He claimed he couldn’t be a “good Christian and a liberal at the same time”. I wonder if the extremely conservative, religious, and homophobic DUP has anything to do with it? God wouldn’t Farron look bad if he, the leader of the LIBERAL Democrats (ex-leader now I should say), voted in unison with the insane DUP.

So he’s gone, finally, and in his wake lies a few suggested names. My personal favourite was Jo Swinson but she declined stating rather sexist reasons (replace man with woman) so she’s out of the race. Who does that leave though? Well a couple of people actually.

Norman Lamb

Norman Lamb is a grey-haired centre-right member of the Lib Dems but still socially liberal. He served as a Health Minister during the Great Lib Dem Killing Coalition and seems like a favourite amongst bookies. Oh and he lost to Tim Farron in 2015.

Sir Ed Davey

Ah yes, Sir Davey the man behind the Orange Book which split his party in half. It’d be interesting should he run, he seems to be more left than Lamb so at least there will be some diversity in this race.

Wera Hobhouse

A new name in parliament the German-born Wera Hobhouse led a passionate campaign of Pro-Europe and, in my opinion, would fight hard against the planned hard Brexit. Perhaps a little too new, should she run she’d likely be the second greatest underdog story; second to Corbyn of course.

There’s a bunch of other names on the potential list but these are the few that stand out to me. The next Lib Dem leader will be placed in a very interesting position and will have the power to completely veto any planned Tory bills – provided Labour doesn’t throw its support behind it that is.



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