EVEL Thinking

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English Votes for English Laws – something right wing nationalists have shouted without really knowing what it means.

But what does it mean? To me it’s an end to the West Lothian Question. “The West Lothian What?” Some of you may ask. Let me run down the basics:


The West Lothian Question is the basic idea on whether or not Northern Irish, Scottish, and Welsh MPs get to vote on matters that only affect England – something that is naturally unfair.

I also use it as a criticism to the fact that Scotland has a Parliament and Northern Ireland and Wales has an assembly (no not the sort of primary school assembly where it’s a bunch of Welsh and Northern Irish people sitting crossed legged with their finger on their lip) whilst England must rely on the UK Parliament.


I mean how is it fair? The other three of the four nations have their own strong local governments, why can’t England? There’s an even fairer way of going about this too: a parliament for the north of England, the Midlands, the south, London, and Cornwall too (or as I like to call it Wales Jr).

Why that amount? Well it’s the fairest, there’s cultural differences, economic difference, a lot of differences. Perhaps a sub clause would be that the three main English Parliaments could separate into even more parliaments, like the North West, South West, that kinda thing.

This, in my eyes, would create even more democracy and would remove some of the bureaucratic waste – yes I know this is a paradox, more bureaucracy = less bureaucratic waste yadayada but bear with me – as it would allow these parliaments to better choose how to spend their budgets, just like the other three countries funnily enough.

Why the UK hasn’t established a devolved parliament for at least England is beyond me, so hopefully if word gets out that we want equality for ALL of the UK nations (and Cornwall too!) then perhaps the government will listen for once.


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