An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Image Provided by Sophie Brown

Dear Mr Corbyn,

Hi! I voted for you in 2016 (perks of being a member of Young Labour) and I think you’re a remarkable leader and I believe you are Labours next Prime Minister. But enough arse kissing, let’s get down to business.

University Fees – you either put up with them or hate them so much that you just don’t attend uni .

I personally put up with them, however in your manifesto you campaigned to remove tuition fees. To this I say: please don’t. Yes asking £9,000 a year is a bit … over the top to say the least, I think no tuition fees will be detrimental to the quality of education provided by universities.

Just think, universities not being able to charge students would knock down a large portion of their budget and would put extra strain on the tax payers because let’s admit it, the subsidies would be paid for with extra taxes. Now I’m not saying keep the nine grand a year price but I think something along the lines of £3,000 would be much, much more appropriate – wouldn’t you agree?

We need to remember that in this world nothing is free, and yes lower education, high school, colleges etc are all free universities provide a much deeper education. My own plans for higher education is, if I’m up for it of course, is to get a doctorate. That’s about four years I believe in education. No, call me ungrateful but I don’t really fancy paying £36,000 to become Dr Liam Raymond. I’d be much, much happier with paying just £12,000; a much fairer price.

Just think of what would happen if tuition fees were made null and void and students paid nothing, nada, zilch, to get into uni. “That sounds brilliant!” Some may say. All I can say is absolutely no it doesn’t. Students would be asked, much like some schools are forced to do thanks to the Tory budget cuts, to donate to their universities to help keep them afloat and to help keep the level of education high.

Therefore I say keep the fees! Just lower them a bit please, I don’t want to be nearly £40,000 in debt by the time I’m 25….

Yours sincerely,

Liam Raymond

P.S. if you read this share the word! Let’s hope Corbyn sees this before he’s PM so that he doesn’t push the “no fees” agenda.


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