Tick Tock Goes the Clock for Mrs May

Image provided by the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office

Theresa May – I give her a month tops.

“There’s nothing right about her apart from her political views” so says my friend sat next to me impressing me with this political pun despite having limited knowledge about politics. Everyone I have talked to recently is abuzz with election fever despite it ending last Thursday. It seems people know that this minority government can’t last, and in my opinion it shouldn’t last.

Why should we let a government limp on when we have to organise the biggest divorce in history? We need a person who can negotiate Brexit and who will be listened to, not the laughingstock of Europe. Gone is the days of Anglo-American dominance. With Trump in charge over the Pond and May “in charge” in Downing Street the sphere of influence that has kept our two countries ahead of the curve is gone. America has an incompetent President and the UK has an incompetent Prime Minister; what a lovely mix!

Even John Major is sceptical calling the Tory-DUP pact “dubious”. I bet Thatcher would be spinning in her grave (or alternatively laughing in Hell as everything in the UK burns). Theresa May is a blot on the Conservatives long list of Prime Ministers and will be remembered (if she is remembered at all) as the very definition of a lame-duck leader.

She is not only driving this country straight into a solid wall, she is undoing so many great things by the leaders before her. Like what? You may be asking. Well, let’s take a look:

Margaret Thatcher: Arguably her greatest achievement was the single market that thrust open the doors of economic growth for the United Kingdom. Mrs May doesn’t like that oh no, she wants to be rid of it completely! “No deal is better than a bad deal!” She says despite the fact that no one is listening to her.

John Major: He managed to help bring an end to the Troubles and lay the foundations to the Good Friday Agreement by being the first Prime Minister to normalise Anglo-Irish relations. With the Tory minority government being propped up by the DUP MRs May threatens to end the Good Friday Agreement which has held a very fragile peace between the UK and ROI.

David Cameron: Ah David Cameron, my (surprisingly) favourite 21st century Prime Minster. He took the party from this unelectable right wing and severely socially conservative faction and liberalised it. This is something that I can only applaud. Back to the DUP however, they are socially conservative. Extreme social conservatives. The closest label I can think of is reactionary; they are damned dangerous! May threatens to turn the Conservative Party back into this hard-core “I hate you” party – the Nasty Party as she puts it.

She is clearly out to ruin her predecessor’s achievements and to undo forty years’ worth of government and progress. But hey, at least she can joke about how she’s ruined her party and career.

What do you think about Queen Maybe? Should she stay or should she go? Do you support her and her ‘Nasty Party’ Rhetoric? Let me know down below!


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