What the #@%& Happened?!

Election Map 2017.png

June 9th, 2am. Sleep took the better of me, a battle lost. I was faced with a choice: the sweet bliss of a four hour sleep or being up to date with the news. I chose sleep.

But boy what a ride it was. Sat at my computer with two monitors: the ITV live stream taking up half of one, the ITV site taking up the other, BBC holding onto the middle and Sky news having a respectful quarter of the 1080×1920 HD screen right in front of me. Oh and of course Discord taking up the final quarter carrying with it the conversations I was having with my American and Irish mates all revolving around the results unfolding before our very eyes.

God I’m rambling.

Let’s actually look at what’s happened, shall we? It can be summed up in two words:


It seems the people have spoken. “Strong and stable!” Shouts a couple. “For the many, no the few!” Shouts others. “What the hell is happening?!” Screams the majority of us as we are hurled through this political uncertainty. So, let’s take a gander down the political shit storm that has unfolded.

First of all, no one was won. No one has that sweet spot of 326 seats (ignoring Sinn Fein though I must congratulate them on their excellent performance). Not even the Tories, the ones who screamed about having an even larger majority thinking they’d get 649 seats out of 650. Labour has performed amazingly well considering they had no time to prepare, being thrust into an election, gaining 30 seats and winning 40% of the votes just 2% behind the Conservatives – though Labour did not win this is certainly a victory for them and for Corbyn.

But the actual results needs to be discussed, don’t they?

2017Results Table

As you can see, the Tories have 317 seats, 85 more than Labour. Some notable results are the collapse of SNP support losing 21 seats – with Alex Salmond and, much to my distaste, Angus Robertson (Gos isn’t he great? I’m going to miss Bercow calling his name in Parliament) losing their seats. Another noticeable change would be the Democratic Unionist Party (Northern Irish Tories would be an unjust but somewhat accurate label with them being seemingly closer to the American Republic Party than the British Conservatives) gaining two seats eating up half the Ulster Unionist Party seats and a third of the SDLP seats in Northern Ireland. This places them just two below the Lib Dems (who?), nearly the fourth largest party.

This election promised to bring stability to the UK but all it has done has set us severely back. Theresa May has asked the Queen to form a minority government of all things with confidence and supply given by the DUP. Because that’s going to last. Last time we had a minority government was 1974 under Harold Wilson and that lasted a whopping eight months! It seems May doesn’t have very long left as Prime Minster, especially with the Tory party’s track record seeing as they ruthlessly removed one of their most popular leaders Margaret Thatcher.

No matter what happens this government will not be stable nor will it be strong. IT seems the DUP will be the broken crutch propping up a near-dead Conservative minority government.


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