The 2017 Conundrum – Who, or what, to vote for?

By Liam Raymond

Snap! Just like the current election. It’s hit us with surprise and anxiety. Surprise that Mrs Thatc- erm I mean Mrs May has once again gone against her word and promises – she does that a lot, doesn’t she? – and has called a snap election despite being pretty adamant about not doing such a thing. Anxiety over the prospect of another five years under the iron fist of the Conservatives.

We don’t want that. At. All.

There are five main parties, six if you have the luxury of living in Wales or Scotland (ignoring the car crash that is Stormont, sorry Northern Ireland), and so we need to decide which party is the best. Two parties’ standout: The Conservatives (ew) and Labour (woo).

My views on the Conservatives are… Bad to say the least. David Cameron’s six year premiership killed my joy and Theresa May has already smashed my hope leaving one party; Labour.

“For the many, not the few!”

These words have rung out in the halls of the vanguards of a fairer society for millennia. Now Labour has picked up the mantle. “A fairer society!” Exclaims Labour, “Strong and Stable!” Retorts the Tories. Strong and stable for whom might I ask? The Tories track record tells me it’s for the rich, their buddies who sup pimms and prosecco as they laugh at the ‘intolerable lower class’.

Labour = fair,

Labour = Equality,

Labour = Progress.

Back to the Tories and their stories of doom. Imagine a cold place, a concrete coffin, with bars blocking out the light and stealing our freedom. It’s a prison, right? No. The Conservatives have turned our schools into prisons, grasping the youth’s creativity and freedom in an iron-choke hold.

“But the Tories have done some good!” I hear you declare. Like what? “Housing!” You reply, falling into my trap.

Ah yes, the everlasting problem of housing – never enough and never affordable. The Tories have built many new houses yes but ask me how many bedrooms they all seem to have, go on. They have four to five bedrooms. Four to five! Who do you know that can afford that?! They cater for the very select few, pimm-and-prosecco sippers mentioned before, the ones that donate millions to their campaigns, whereas Labour aims to cater for all of us – “for the many, not the few!”

Anyway, I’ve said my two cents (or rather two pence since this is Britain) and told you who I think people should vote for. It’s now up to you to choose which box you tick.


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