Treasonous Thinking

I am about to break the law.   Not just some lowdown petty crime either, a very serious crime that’s treated worse than murder. This crime has been punishable in the past by the criminal being hung drawn and quartered. I am committing treason. Let me clear things up. I have no plans to overthrow […]

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Lib Dem Luau

Tim Farron, the spineless homophobe, resigned a few days ago. He claimed he couldn’t be a “good Christian and a liberal at the same time”. I wonder if the extremely conservative, religious, and homophobic DUP has anything to do with it? God wouldn’t Farron look bad if he, the leader of the LIBERAL Democrats (ex-leader […]

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EVEL Thinking

English Votes for English Laws – something right wing nationalists have shouted without really knowing what it means. But what does it mean? To me it’s an end to the West Lothian Question. “The West Lothian What?” Some of you may ask. Let me run down the basics: *Ehem* The West Lothian Question is the […]

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What the #@%& Happened?!

June 9th, 2am. Sleep took the better of me, a battle lost. I was faced with a choice: the sweet bliss of a four hour sleep or being up to date with the news. I chose sleep. But boy what a ride it was. Sat at my computer with two monitors: the ITV live stream […]

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